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Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending




The following classes are currently scheduled.  Please use our Contact Us form if you would like to schedule a group class at another time or arrange for a class at a different time, or give us a call at our Toll_Free number: (702) 610-5617. 

Click on the month abbreviation to see another month's schedule.*
 3/19/2018  10:00 AM Mon.  Dice Setting Open
 3/19/2018  1:00 PM Mon.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
 3/20/2018  10:00 AM Tue.  Dice Setting Open
 3/20/2018  1:00 PM Tue.  Dice Setting Open
 3/21/2018  10:00 AM Wed.  Dice Setting Open
 3/21/2018  1:00 PM Wed.  Dice Setting Open
 3/22/2018  10:00 AM Thu.  Dice Setting Open
 3/22/2018  1:00 PM Thu.  Dice Setting Open
 3/23/2018  10:00 AM Fri.  Dice Setting Open
 3/23/2018  1:00 PM Fri.  Dice Setting Open
 3/26/2018  10:00 AM Mon.  Dice Setting Open
 3/26/2018  1:00 PM Mon.  Dice Setting Open
 3/27/2018  10:00 AM Tue.  Dice Setting Open
 3/27/2018  1:00 PM Tue.  *Dice Setting Private
 3/28/2018  10:00 AM Wed.  *Dice Setting Private
 3/28/2018  1:00 PM Wed.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
 3/29/2018  10:00 AM Thu.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
 3/29/2018  1:00 PM Thu.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
 3/30/2018  10:00 AM Fri.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
 3/30/2018  1:00 PM Fri.  *Dice Setting Unavailable
Click on the date to sign up for a specific class.


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*Due to Credit Card Payment restrictions, classes are not scheduled beyond 90 days.  Please use our Toll-FREE number to inquire about class schedules beyond 90 days.

100% Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

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