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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


Steve's Bottom Line
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Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending


    DICE BUSTERS CLASS                         


DICE BUSTERS CLASS - June 25, 2011



Reserved Table

Shooters in order starting from inside hook 5:00 PM

Dave T. 11 rolls
Tim Mc D 27 rolls
Joe L. 17 rolls
Ken M. did not shoot
Beau your Dice Coach 5 rolls
Debbie (soft touch) 36 rolls (5 passes if she would of hit her 10 she would of hit 4 of 6 Fire bet).
Joe S. 32 rolls 
Note the first six shooters held the dice for 2 ½ hours!
Ilan R. PSO 2 rolls (stayed and played after the group left - made a profit).
Diane T. 6 rolls
Basil did not shoot
Joe P. 5 rolls
Richard and Brenda H. did not shoot
Michael V. (professor) 4 rolls
Dave L. 17 rolls.  Last rolls ended at 8:05 PM
Steve B was observing did not play.
Longest rolls by Debbie (Soft Touch) 36
Joe S. 2nd. Longest 32
Tim Mc D. third 27

Note Joe L. and his Son Dave tied with 17 rolls each!
Like father like Son!

Bottom line:  Out of 16 players only one lost!

I would say we all had a great time with a wonderful experience. 

Your Dice Buster Team - Beau, Debbie, Michael and Beth

If you are interested in putting a group of 10 to 16 players together and playing on a reserved table let me know!

Also, if you are interested in next years class please give us a call.  The class this year was sold out months before the class!

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