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Ninja Craps Pro

Ninja Craps Pro



Of course we'd all like to have our own full-sized craps table in our recreation room to practice on whenever we want. For many of us that is just not practical, let alone affordable.

As the Dice Coach says, "Practice before you head to the tables can make the difference between a winning session and a losing session."

When practice on a full-sized table is not an option, you need to find a portable solution.

We've come up with an affordable unit to help solve that situation. The Dice Coach has checked this unit out and has given it his stamp of approval. It has as close to a true bounce as you're going to get without practicing on the real thing.

Easy to install!

A practice unit that is just the right size,
Perfect for travel - will fit in your overnight bag.
The easy installation requires no tools.

Currently out of production
Assembled Rig
Heavy duty magnets
hold the sides
securely in place!

With no screws, bolts or special tools required, it only takes a minute to assemble.
  • Total of (5) pieces
  • Unit weight 9 Lbs.
  • Width 16"- Length 23" -Height 11"
Disassembled Rig

Currently out of production

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