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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

    GROUP SPECIALS                     


*  *  G R O U P  *  *


S  P  E  C  I  A  L S!

SPECIALS for groups

Take over the Craps Pit with your OWN group!

Put together your own group of 4 people or more and get a special rate.

Get a 3-hour class instead of the regular 2-hour class (4 or more)
You choose the type of class, Basic or Dice Setting
Only your group will be present in the Craps Pit

Special rate for a group of 6:       Save $179                        Group Rate: $895   

1. Select a date that meets your group's travel dates 
2. Determine if your group should take the Basic or Dice Setting class 
3. Call us at 702-610-5617 and check class availability
4. Reserve the Craps Pit for your group 
5. ... and, get ready to have a GREAT time and learn a lot from the Dice Coach!


Only 1 credit card can be used to pay for all class participants

Other Group sizes:
Give us a call at 702-610-5617, and let us know the size of your group and the date your group will be coming to Las Vegas.  

Let us know which class your group would like to take and we'll check our schedule and let you know if we can accommodate your group or provide you with alternate dates.

If you would prefer you can email us your specifics at: DiceCoach@DiceCoach.Com  


100% Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The casino is crowded; you want to play but the tables are full. You've just spotted a guy ready to leave a table because he just lost all of his money. But why would you want to take his place?

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