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Merging Practical Intuition With Our Craps Play

I believe that winners in any of the Games of Chance tend to harness their "intuitive abilities" to their best advantage. For these players who act on "hunches" to win, it is actually their natural intuition that has allowed them the power to seek out these signs or indicators. And it is these indicators that help them with the timing of their actions, giving them the edge to win at their game. 

Whether successful game players rationalize their actions or not is up for debate, but I'll argue that their decision to take action on their bets were first prompted by a "hunch". And, betting on a hunch means using our intuitive abilities first. Then, after the fact, we rationalize the reason for our decision. 

Timing means little to us without intuition. When we say it's all in the timing, that timing would hold very little value to us if we were not utilizing our intuitive skills. I am often asked "Do you use your intuition at the craps table?" And, I have always responded with a resounding Yes! A lot of my decisions are based on an integration of my rational intellect and my intuitive mind.

Making our intuition easily work for us at the craps tables requires a certain amount of acceptance and an awareness of how it is communicated to us. Everyone maintains different belief systems and acceptance levels of their own intuition. And, most of us use our intuition in one way or another at the craps table. We get confirmation when we silently tell ourselves, " I had a feeling that was gonna happen." 

Our ability to recognize our inner voice is often referred to as "just a hunch", but that hunch is making us listen carefully and take note. Timing and acting on our instinct/hunch gives us a sense of when it is time to move in and out of our game.

As intangible and mysterious as intuition is, it is a very serious business for me. And at the same time, it is lots of fun, inviting new possibilities that give us all an edge at the tables. Intuition is a true gift and is available to all of us. And much like dice influencing, it can be very effective when used at the craps tables to help us make decisions, allowing us gain even more control of our game. 

Our intuition is expressed in many different and unique ways. It could be a flash, a vision, an image or a sound. The trick is first, knowing when our inner voice is speaking to us. But, even more important, is learning how to time our decisions based on our intuitions or "gut feelings."

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